Legends Within – Mini Edition

Legends Within - Mini Edition
Legends Within - Mini Edition l Version: 1.0.0g | Size: 23.06MB
 Developers: Žiga Krmelj | Language: English

Legends Within – Mini Edition is a quick and fun anime battle / fighting game inspired by a particular anime series. You battle trough various levels, defeating foes and leveling up to get stronger in the process.
How to play:
– Use the D-pad on the left to move around
– Buttons on the right are action buttons (attack, block, energy blast, power up)
– Press attack multiple times to combo
– Press block to… duh block. Blocking prevents damage but will instead drain your energy and reduce your power level
– Energy blast will fire a energy blast. This will consume 1 bar of your energy or power level
– Power up will charge your energy and power level
– The higher your power level the more damage you deal so be sure to stay powered up
– Teleporting is done by tapping the block button right before getting hit by a physical or energy attack
– “Over the limit” is a big power up that lets you charge your power level past your maximum by sacrificing your health
– beautiful colorful 3D graphics
– fast and smooth gameplay
– simple realtime action battle system
– various levels to fight trough
– easy and fast leveling system true to anime power leveling
– unlock skills as your power level increases
– selectable characters (boy and girl)
– great music that fits the overall action
– submit your power level to the world leaderboards
Have you ever wanted to be the strongest in the world? Now you can be!
As this game can be played as a standalone version, it’s actual meaning is to be a showcase what Legends Within could be. Everything you experience here would get in the game plus a lot more content accompanied by a great story. Work on Legends Within has already begun but it’s fate is uncertain at this point.
When we reach 1000 downloads I will make extra content for the game!
Although the game can be run on older android versions don’t try this on single core devices.
Legends Within - Mini Edition
Legends Within - Mini Edition
Legends Within - Mini Edition

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