Kungfu Saga

Kungfu Saga
Kungfu Saga l Version: 1.5.2 | Size: 47.4MB
 Developers: Game Dreamer MY | Language: English

1.ABOUT the Game
This latest mobile game is perfectly combined with Card Game element and RPG Strategy Game element. Players can enjoy great fun from the fantastic Equipment Development system, unique Kungfu Heroes’ Pieces Collection feature, Battle Strategy and dazzling battle scene! If you are a Wuxia Lover attracted by the styles of Wulin and Jianghu, this game is exactly what you are looking for. Join in the game and enjoy yourself in the ancient world of love and Hatred!
2. Features
【Development】Freely embattle distinctive heroes. Challenge different instances. Enhance equipment. Wear exclusive treasures.
【For You】 For Wuxia lovers. For players who are looking for the real leisure and happy games.
【Battle】 There is creative swiping battle experience. Unique General Tower and intense PVP play show who is the strongest one! Aggressive character images and rare light effects here can lead you to your own Jianghu!
【Theme】 An amazing RPG mobile card game integrating all kind of heroes from various of famous Wuxia novels.
【Pictures】 2D. Lovely characters. PVP6!
【System】 Heroes selection & Formations. Equipment enhancement,enchantment and gems. Treasures matching. Pass stages in underworld. Several kinds of instances. PK in tournament. Guild. Fortune to get free rewards.
3. Core Plays
【Roles】 First selection provides a steady basis for further development.
【Levels】 Levels of the character decides the limits of the instances, system to be unlocked and level of equipment.
【Property】 Training and breakthrough for higher quality of heroes to largely improve the combat power and change the looks of heroes.
【Silver】 The basic currency in game, can be achieved via game missions and are available in different systems.
【Food】 The major staff for heroes to level up, can be achieved via King’s Vault.
【Treasure】 The exclusive weapons for exclusive heroes, can largely raise the power of the heroes.
【Refine】 Refine the heroes’ pieces to get hero souls to exchange for more powerful heroes you want!
【Guild】 A guild provides you a place to make more friends, learn more powerful skills and add more battle elements.
Kungfu Saga
Kungfu Saga
Kungfu Saga

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