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4 October 2017
4.1 and up
Keybase is a messaging platform where:

* you can write securely to any twitter, reddit, facebook, github, and hacker news user
* you don’t need to know someone’s phone number or email address
* all messages are secure, end-to-end encrypted
* multi-device: your messages survive and transfer with encryption to new phones & computers

Keybase is so much more. It is:

* free for everyone, and free of ads
* open source (
* multi-platform, w/apps for macOS, Linux, and Windows (

By using the Keybase app you agree to the following terms:

* you’ll be a nice Internet person

Keybase for mobile is brand new and we yearn for feedback. Inside the app,
click the gear icon and then choose “feedback” to send us a summary of your experience.

 212 total

App Screenshots

What’s New
    Starting today in the Keybase app, you’ll see a new Git tab. From there, you can make hosted repositories. Just type a name and you’re good to go. From zero to clone, it’s less than 60 seconds.
    Other fixes and features:
    * Some android users could get logged out sometimes
    * Some android phones wouldn’t draw chats
    * iPhone X support (we think)
    * Chat wouldn’t stay scrolled down sometimes
    * Better looking avatars

Download & Instructions

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