Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v41

Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v41
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Did you enjoy learning basic Kanji using our app?


Our professional version of Kanji no Owari will give you even more Kanjis to learn in a fun way!
Pro Edition Features:
1. The game includes 1900 more Kanjis!
2. Three additional stages with more enemies, bosses and soundtracks!
3. Gold will not reset when you choose a new class to play!
4. You get access to the Kanji listing feature, which records all your Kanji learning progress!
5. All future updates are exclusive to the pro version!


Update Notes (v41):
1. Prevented a potential error when toggling reading modes and going back to kanji listing.
Update Notes (v40):
1. Added On and Kun reading options (while keeping the original mixed option).
2. Added Simple Meanings Mode.
3. Defaulted to Learn Hiragana Mode.
4. Cuter 3D Sprites
5. Slight Story added to the game (still work-in-progress)
6. Story Mode coming soon(tm)

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