IQ Portal: The World Math Game

IQ Portal: The World Math Game
IQ Portal: The World Math Game l Version: 1.011 | Size: 43.4MB
 Developers: Ivan Awdejuk | Language: English

Are you looking for Math game for adults and best math apps for children?
Spin and dash in the zero gravity field, escaping the orbit station of the IQ Portal game!
You’re stuck in the space maze, where each door is encoded with the math equation. And the answer is the key to your escape, so use your IQ skills! Travel through the bright cubic world spinning and turning around, challenge your friends’ IQ and feel the unforgettable free fall experience!
This game kinda “dots and boxes”. Connect the dots and answer the questions. Doors and rooms waiting for you!
This app – the best IQ test. Escape the station and solve IQ tests
Enjoy the IQ Portal IN-GAME FEATURES:
* FREE Play!
* Explore the world of endless colorful levels!
* Futuristic cyber labyrinth.
* Let the unique sound effects guide you the way!
* Get your place on the leaderboard and the IQ ranking – be the smartest in the world!
* Enjoy the free fall feeling down the space rabbit hole!
* Master your math & drawing skills!
* Accept the challenge and escape the trap!
* Check your IQ in a taxi, bus or subway
* You can expense iq tests and change your iq options
* Be a iq pro, earn the iq money
* Beat math records of astral masters
* Its a math game for adults and children
* This game is a smash hit of mathematicians
* This game is arithmetic app (math learning app)
* Escape the room game
This game is not mathdoku, iq test download, mental iq test, math solver, math helper app, math workout app, rocket math app, math solver app, idiot test or stupid quiz or iq wiki. Our game is a memory brain trainer. With our algebra app you can learn math with help of your critical thinking. It is a best math game ever! Don’t look at top maths games, we are the best math game!
IQ Portal: The World Math Game
IQ Portal: The World Math Game
IQ Portal: The World Math Game

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