Interstellar Pilot v1.24 MOD Apk [Unlocked] – Android Games

Download Full Free Interstellar Pilot v1.24 MOD Apk [Unlocked] – Android Games by pixelfactor

Features –
• Large scale free-playing mode (paid) – Earn your fortune in a persistent universe with hundreds of roaming ships.
• Pilot different ships from small shuttles to huge capital ships
• Detailed spaceships and environment
• Accurate damage model
• Tutorial system
• Cinematic visuals
• High quality 3D audio

Recommended Hardware
– 800mhz Processor
– Adreno 200 GPU or equivalent
– 800×480 screen resolution

What’s New

Universe mode will work more often without internet connection
Fix to allow save games to be deleted
Fix where cargo prices screen is empty
Pause/Unpause game more easily
Player is less likely to be given a rubbish ship name
Allowed more room for weapons on the HUD