iCare Respiratory Rate Pro v2.4.1 Apk

iCare Respiratory Rate Pro v2.4.1 Apk
Requirements: 3.0 and up
Overview: iCare Respiratory Rate could measure you respiratory rate by only mobile.


iCare Respiratory Rate can determine you respiratory price by just mobile.

Individual Overview:
1. Put your index finger on the back of your mobile phone electronic camera head to make certain that they are completely covered.
2. Hold this position till the test is total.

iCare Respiratory Price– Mobile gauging blood pressure, heart price, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, lung ability, breath rate, psychological index.
It does not require any kind of peripherals, only use a cellphone action high blood pressure, heart rate, vision, hearing, lung capability, mental index, colorblind and even other physical information, and also offers targeted wellness programs.

“The globe’s First blood pressure measurement APP”.
“The world’s 1st blood lipid dimensions APP”.
“The world’s First continual heart rate measurement APP”.
“The world’s First pulse wave acquisition and even evaluation software application”.
“The world’s most effective exam APP”.

Dependable data:.
A a great deal of user verification;.
1. Heart price mistake of plus or minus 3 or less.
2. High blood pressure for longer than 95 % of users, the error is within plus or minus 12.
3. Blood Oxygen mistake plus or minus 2 or less.
4. Identification as well as accuracy of high blood cholesterol greater than 80 %.

1. Step the customer’s high blood pressure, heart price, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, Lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index and even other physical data via the phone.
2. Step Physical data by Bluetooth Sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth wristband, Bluetooth body fat ranges, Bluetooth ECG tool.
3. Data everyday health information and even make stats and also pattern analysis.
4. Based on the customer’s health and wellness information as well as fads, to give wellness alert solution.
5. Without wearable tool, super-convenient digital pedometer.
6. Games and interactive training programs, statistics and even take care of everyday exercising and also sport kind.


1. maximize the individual Facility.
2. enhance the digital pedometer.

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