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I Gladiator v1.10.0.21621 Apk Mod

Needs: 2.3.3 +

I Gladiator provides a nearly as well actual experience of a blood-spattered gladiatorial combat.
This is not an easy hack & slash video game. To prevail you would need to be shrewd as well as solid, work out a strategy for every single degree, use atmosphere to your advantage, notification as well as make use of opponent’s weak points and last, however not the least, victory that ruined crowd.

I Gladiator is the game for you if you like these attributes:

FREE MOVEMENT 3D FIGHT with intuitive command system permitting various maneuvers and combos,.

  • FIGHT MULTIPLE DIFFERENT ENEMIES AT THE SAME TIME, each with distinct combat design. A real combative arena chaos!,.
  • BIG SUPPLY OF VARIOUS WEAPONS AND SHIELD at your toolbox. You must even pick up or rent out a brand-new one at the sector’s workshop and re-arm yourself during the fight,.
  • HUNGRY VICIOUS LIONS to ruin your day!,.
  • VARIOUS ARENA TRAPS to prevent and also put to your benefit,.
  • DISMEMBER your enemies if you understand special strikes!,.
  • ENTERTAIN THE SAVAGE ROMAN GROUP to make additional revenue,.
  • NON-REPETITIVE STORY properly articulated in Latin,.
  • REMARKABLE CARTOONISH GRAPHICS that make you think you are holding a console in your hands,.
  • SCORELOOP ASSISTANCE, appealing success as well as leaderboards to test your close friends.

I Gladiator Apk Mod

Punch them, kick them, hit them, stun them, spike them, dismember them, burn them, destroy them! Be the very best gladiator to be supported for by the romans as well as their Gods alike.

What’s New In I Gladiator v1.10.0.21621 Apk Mod

  • Everyplay brought in.
  • Play, develop your very own replays of the epic combat and also share to your friends !!!
  • Thumzap added.
  • Ask loved ones to buy any sort of in-apps for you when you are in demand!!!
  • Kolhid Sword.
  • Now the fabulous Kolhid Sword is readily available to Google Play individuals !!!

This application has no ads.

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