HushSMS v2.7.7 (bugfix release) [Xposed]

HushSMS v2.7.7 (bugfix release) [Xposed]
Requirements: 2.2 and up [Xposed]
Overview: This is the first and only App that enables you to send short messages which else only carriers can send.
Tool for sending messages of class 0 (Flash-message).

HushSMS is an application to send specific types of short messages in GSM Networks (CDMA is not supported). It can be useful during a pentest or ethical hacking.

All AT&T users: You carrier will not allow sending Ping messages. These messages will be transformed into regulator SMS.

Current version: 2.7.7

Attention: As of version 2.7 a separate Xposed Helper Module is no longer needed. It is integrated now directly into HushSMS. Please make sure you disable/uninstall the old XposedHelperModule for HushSMS before using version 2.7 (or above)!!!

As of version 2.7.2 I managed to remove the annoying “allyourmessages…” message from the inbox when using Xposed (now only shows “HushSMS message sent”)

***Note: It has come to my attention that some AV vendors (namely Avast for Android) give a false positive on claiming that HushSMS contains malware. This is definitely not the case. SilentServices is a legal company and we do not develop malware. HushSMS is an app with a long history going back to 2006. I have already tried to contact Avast on this issue but unfortunately to no avail. The only reason I could imagine is that HushSMS has been cracked a dozend times in the past and as usual with cracked android apps it has been tampered with and I also have evidence that crackers have put malware in the cracked releases. Maybe Avast detected such a tampered version and thus declare HushSMS as malware in general.

HushSMS will run on any android device form v2.2 up, but if a specific API method is missing in your ROM some functions are not displayed on your device . You can try the Xposed Module in that case. HTC devices with official ROM and SenseUI should be fully supported. HushSMS is a GSM ONLY app and will not work in CDMA networks!

Send Messages normally only operators can
Global notification even if HushSMS is not running
Xposed Module (Android >= 4.0)
Tasker Action Plugin for Class0 and Replace Msg (Android >= 4.0)

Message Types:
Send normal SMS (doh!) (up to 160 chars)
Send FlashSMS (or Class 0) (up to 160 chars) *NEW* now with unicode support
Send WAP Push SI (Service Indication) (up to 40 chars)
Send WAP Push SL (Service Load) (up to 40 chars)
Send MMSN (MMS Notification) (up to 30 chars, not working against iPhones)
Send MWIVA (Voice Message Waiting Indicator Activation) *NEW* DCS and UDH method
Send MWIVD (Voice Message Waiting Indicator DeActivation) *NEW* DCS and UDH method
Send Ping
Send Ping2
Send Ping3 (Works for all recipients phones except Samsung Android phones and as reported Nokia 1100 / 1616 dumbphone (number is shown), but YMMV!)
Send Ping4 (Works for all recipients phones including Samsung Android Phones, shows an error when received on Windows Mobile but does not show senders number,and as reported Nokia 1100 / 1616 dumbphone (number is shown), but YMMV!)
Send Replace Messages (Type1 – 7)

What`s new:

About bugfix release:

It’s been a while and due to a lot of other stuff and regular workload I was not able to do anything related to HushSMS. However since there where a lot of updates to the Android OS some things messed up in HushSMS. With this release I addressed two very annoying issues.

1. The “allyoumessages…” message in the sent items folder of the SMS application should no read “HushSMS message sent” again
2. Some devices used another API method when sending SMS out and I added this API method. So finally the hand full of users who had problems sending messages with HushSMS are now able to use the App. Sorry for the delay folks and thanks for your patience.

I am planning new features in HushSMS as requested by some users like a history of sent messages and the possibility to define a favorite list where you can put in target and message type combinations for messages you tend to send frequently.

If you have ideas on how to extend the App or if you have features you’d like to see added please don’t hesitate to drop me line.


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