Hungry Oni

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Come experience the quirky, magical world of Hungry Oni, where collecting and consuming strange objects is the aim of the game. Ever wanted to eat an eyeball? Chow down on a cactus? How about snack on a submarine? Redefine the meaning of fine cuisine with the adorable ogre, Oni.
☆Simple! – all you need is a thumb to play
☆Challenge! – 5 game modes, ranging from sedate to sadistic
☆Collect! – 60 bizarre objects for Oni to dine upon
☆Explore! – a world chock-full of pop culture and offbeat humor
☆Outfit! – your Oni in 5 funky costumes
☆Decorate! – your house with 32 achievements
// Critical Praise for Hungry Oni
・Kotaku – “As far as sharp looking games go, Hungry Oni must be one of the most dazzling I’ve seen all year.”
・PocketGamer – “Hungry Oni is a fine-looking game, packed with bold and detailed visuals. From a presentation perspective, the game simply cannot be faulted.”
・148Apps – “the visual assets along with the soundtrack create a really fun atmosphere … gameplay and controls are just about flawless”
// Awards
☆ QualityIndex’s #1 game of Jan 2013! ☆
☆ Corona Labs’ App of the Month June 2013! ☆
Hungry Oni
Hungry Oni
Hungry Oni

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