Hungry Mouth HD

Hungry Mouth HD
Hungry Mouth HD l Version: 1.9 | Size: 39.49MB
 Developers: ARATOG LLC | Language: English

Delightfully Fun, Unique and Educational Arcade Game “Hungry Mouth HD”
Hungry Mouth HD Pro magically transforms children into a cute and extremely hungry monster who is stuck inside a trash can and must eat healthy items- and avoid unhealthy ones –to grow strong and escape to a better place. And to make things even more challenging, the monster must avoid being caught by an unfriendly boy.
Additional Hungry Mouth HD Pro special features include:
* stunning art, design and visuals that are optimized for the Retina display
* a charming soundtrack and sound effects that immerse children in a world of wonder
* plenty of good and bad items to keep the game interesting hour after hour
* multiple levels, each with their own story and targets
* a variety of fun character animations
* a more challenging “survival mode” option
* the option to track achievements
***Video Demo, Screenshots & More***
Check out the Hungry Mouth video demo, screenshots, get the latest information and more at
Hungry Mouth HD
Hungry Mouth HD
Hungry Mouth HD

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