How To Install Games on Android Devices

Here is a step by step guide on installing apps from Mobilism:

You can use Mobilism Market or if you want to download on your computer and transfer:

1. Download the app.
2. Transfer the app to your phone and place in a folder you will remember placing it in on your SD Card (Skip this step if using you Android to download).
3. Go to the Market (on your Android) and search for Astro.
4. Download Astro File Manager (its free).
5. Once installed open Astro.
6. Go to the folder you put the application in (if you downloaded from you Android it will be the folder call “download” or “downloads”).
7. Click the app once (a Pop Up should appear) and choose open app manager (or words to that effect).
8. Click install once (you may get a Pop Up saying its blocked from installing just go to the settings and check the “Unknown Applications”).

If you get a file with the app name and a extension that’s like app name here.txt just use Astro and rename it to app name here.apk and do steps 7 and 8.

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Here is a nicely done video tutorial – created by our member NightmareMan:

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