Hot Latina Babes – Puzzlebox (Mature) v2.1.9

Hot Latina Babes + Puzzlebox (Mature) v2.1.9
Requirements: All Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: PuzzleBox (Mature) is a puzzle engine for jigsaw puzzle games. The Hot Latina Babes addon contains 80 various beautiful images from hot latina babes.


-Group pieces and move them together to recreate the puzzle

-Save solved puzzles to the SD-Card, view them with gallery app, set them as wallpaper or share them with email, twitter, facebook …

-Track personal records for every puzzle

-Global highscore

More info:


Download Instructions:

Hot Latina Babes:

To play this addon you need to have PuzzleBox (Mature) engine installed.

Puzzlebox (Mature):

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