Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft v6.1.14830 + [Mod Unlocked]

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft v6.1.14830 + [Mod Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Pick up your cards and throw down the gauntlet! In Hearthstone, you play the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunning strategy. In minutes, you’ll be unleashing powerful cards to sling spells, summon minions, and seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield. Whether it’s your first card game or you’re an experienced pro, the depth and charm of Hearthstone will draw you in.



JUMP RIGHT IN: Fun introductory missions bring you into the world of Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay.

BUILD YOUR DECK: With hundreds of additional cards to win and craft – your collection grows with you.

HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play in practice matches against computer-controlled heroes of the Warcraft universe. Thrall, Uther, Gul’dan – they’re all here!

COLLECTION TRAVELS WITH YOU: Your card collection is linked to your Battle.net account – enabling you to switch your play between tablet and desktop with ease. 

AND FIGHT FOR GLORY: When you’re ready, step into the Arena and duel other players for the chance to win awesome prizes!

What’s New

* You can no longer disenchant extra copies of cards that are not in your collection
* Clients should no longer freeze when purchasing the Welcome Bundle
* The following cards have been changed: Call of the Wild, Execute, Rockbiter Weapon, Tuskarr Totemic, Abusive Sergeant, Charge, Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End
For more information, please visit www.PlayHearthstone.com 

Mod info (by opera-fan):
Disabled check for device compatibility, you may get up to 7 standart boosters + Galaxy card back:
1. Download and install mod №1 and cache obb
2. Launch the game and login (you’ll get 3x boosters and Galaxy card back – http://www.hearthhead.com/cardback=29/samsung-galaxy )
3. Play solo practice (you can surrender) and get 1x booster for playing a game on an Android Phone ( http://www.hearthhead.com/achievement=213/android-phone )
4. Install and launch mod №2
5. Play solo practice and get 1x booster for playing a game on an Android Tablet ( http://www.hearthhead.com/achievement=210/android-tablet )
6. Install and launch mod №3
7. Play solo practice and get 1x booster for playing a game on iPad ( http://www.hearthhead.com/achievement=116/ipack )
8. Install and launch mod №4
9. Play solo practice and get 1x booster for playing a game on iPhone ( http://www.hearthhead.com/achievement=212/iphone )

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Download Instructions:



Mod №0 (Disabled check device compatibility only)


Mod №1 (Disabled check device compatibility + Galaxy S6 + Android Phone)


Mod №2 (Disabled check device compatibility + Android Tablet)


Mod №3 (Disabled check device compatibility + iPad)


Mod №4 (Disabled check device compatibility + iPhone)




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