Healer Quest

Healer Quest
Healer Quest l Version: 47 | Size: 44.04MB
 Developers: Rablo Games | Language: English

Healer Quest is an RPG focusing on real time combats in which you only control the healer of a team of adventurers. Playable 100% for free!
Heal and protect your 4 allies with your magical powers. Try your best to keep them alive while they are defeating the enemies. Make it so that they use their special attacks, each one is activated in a different situation.
Choose 4 spells amongst the 18 available at the beginning of each levels. Make them gain experience and reach new levels of power. Be prepared for 100 intense levels ! Thiefs, Goblins, Vampires, Trolls, Dragons and many other enemies will try to stop you.

Use your magical powers to heal and protect your allies before the monsters win the fight !
You just found a magical wand which gives you awesome healing powers ! Great ! Now it’s time to get some fun with it in this crazy healer RPG !
You only control the healer of the team, so prepare yourself because their lives are in your hands !
Choose carefully 4 spells among the 18 available, then try your best to heal / boost your 4 crazy allies while they are fighting the monsters ! Try to make it so that they use their special attacks as often as possible. Each one is triggered in a different situation.
Watch your mana ! You don’t want to run out of it and see your allies die… They won’t appreciate it.
Follow a one of a kind non-intrusive scenario in this RPG parody !
React accordingly to 8 different abnormal states : wound, poison, vampire, imp, confusion, slow, paralyse, doom.
The game includes
19 enemies from classical RPG games
14 powerful boss , ranging from mid boss to super-secret boss
18 different upgradable spells. Use your magic like a true hero !
100 levels full of monsters and fun
0 zombies (Wait ! We do have vampires and ghosts !)
Finish every level with your 4 allies alive to unlock the following levels for free!

Discover a crazy world and learn life-changing revelations, such as :
Why do game character’s cloths adjust to their owner’s size when they get transformed into a giant or an imp ?
What’s the difference between a barbarian and a lumberjack ?
Could a non elf character become an archer in a RPG ?
Which role in a MOBA game needs the most skills ?
How to turn off the scenario of a game if you just want the gameplay (hint : it’s in the options, and you’re free to do it)
And more !
You can discover all that right now for free!
… Unless you ONLY play games that features zombies … Or you don’t like awesome free RPG games.
Tags : quest , healer quest
Minimum Configuration : 1Gb RAM
Healer Quest
Healer Quest
Healer Quest

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