Headache Tracker v1.0.2

Headache Tracker v1.0.2
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Do you have mild or severe headaches, migraines, facial pain or cluster headaches?


Do you have mild or severe headaches, migraines, facial pain or cluster headaches? Headache Tracker is a digital headache diary that helps you to keep track of your headache and related symptoms. Keeping track of your headaches and medicine use is useful for your own insight. It also offers your doctor information that helps to find the cause and right treatment for your headaches (many doctors ask their patients to fill a headache diary before the treatment starts!).


Flexible and personal diary:
Headache Tracker offers a standard list of symptoms that you can keep track of, like severity of the headache, nausea, location of the pain, worsening of the pain when active etc. This standard list is based on the book “Alles over hoofdpijn en aangezichtspijn” (translated: Everything about headache and facial pain) by Prof. Dr. Michel Ferrari and dr. Joost Haan. Beside the default symptoms, you can also add personal symptoms or triggers that are specific for you.

List of medicines:
In Headache Tracker, you can keep a list of medicines that you use. Medicines that you used in the past remain visible in the app. The medicines from your medicine list are visible in your headache diary.

Show diary as a chart:
You can show the scores for certain symptoms (like severity of the headache and nausea) as a chart. The chart also shows your medicine use. This way, you can see the relation between your medicine use and your headaches. That helps you to keep an eye on your medicine use and prevent over-medication.

Headache tracker can be used in Dutch and English. You can configure this easily through the settings menu in the app.

Data for scientific research:
If you agree with this, your diary data is anonymized and made available for scientific research. This way you help building a dataset that is used to learn more about frequent patterns, correlations between headache and medicine use etc.

For smartphone and tablet
Headache Tracker is available for both smartphone and tablet.

What’s New

– New: support for all timezones.
– New: option added to move to previous/next day from the diary entry screen.
– New: when a diary entry is started and the user leaves the screen, a confirmation dialog shows telling the user that he risks loosing entered data.
– Bug resolved that caused duplicates in the diary settings screen (and in the diary entries).
– Bug resolved that caused entered date to be wrongly displayed.

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