Groove CM 13/12 Theme v1.2

Groove CM 13/12 Theme v1.2
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: This theme is as minimal and stylish as it can get. 


This theme is as minimal and stylish as it can get. 
You’ll never be bored with the 50 arcus variants available with this.

You can choose from the 50 variants available with this theme. Download Arcus from play store and start building themes with your favorite colors.

You need to have CM12 or CM13 or a rom installed on your phone which supports CM theme engine in order to use this theme.


● Framework
● SystemUI

● Sliders
● Scrubbers
● Icons
● Navigation Bar
● Dialer
● Contacts
● Whatsapp
● Instagram
● Calculator 
● Gmail
● Aosp Keyboard
● Google Play store
● Google Keyboard
● Google Search
● Google Now Launcher
● Google Play Music(icons)
● Messaging
● Settings
● Facebook
● DUI smartbar/fling
● whatsapp
● Google Hangouts
● Google Plus
● Theme Chooser
● Youtube


-Added 18 new variants(light). ‘all_white’ variants have all apps themed light and only ‘white’ variants have settings light and the rest dark. Lollipop users are supposed to use variants with name ending in ‘CM12’ (all_white only), all other variants can be used normally by both LP and MM users.
-Dark statusbar icons in cm13 base(Marshmallow) Roms.
-Fixed bugs.

This app has no advertisements 

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