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GOLFTRIX v1.0 Apk + MOD Apk [Unlimited Coins/Points/Skills] – Android Games

Download Full Free GOLFTRIX v1.0 Apk + MOD Apk [Unlimited Coins/Points/Skills] – Android Games by LUNOSOFT INC.

Such as golf, not golf, but golf puzzle game! Games with award-winning!

◆ Experience the perfect combination of golf and puzzle –
◆ it made this unexpected spaces! 3D map rotation system patented technology
◆ the wind blowing into the mouth move the ball, you can hand to clear the fog!
◆ rain, snow, lightning, fog, etc. Various strategies need to play according to the weather!

Features of the GOLFTRIX

◆ Use items and skills I can easily clear the stage!
◆ you can play through the game without accounting burden ads!
◆ this guide Everything depends on the weather to change!
◆ you can play all over the world want to visit the city just once in the background!
◆ I am able to share my wonderful play videos on SNS!
◆ Google Play achievements, leader boards frills brings another joy!

Specific items of GOLFTRIX

◆ Try to power up your shot distances to see.
◆ you can play comfortably stop the machine using an electrical ball.
◆ If you freeze water into ice ball, I do not receive a penalty (penalty stroke).
◆ you can put the ball in any terrain by using an adhesive ball.
◆ Use the drop seen I can impair the ball in the desired position.
◆ If you make a mistake all right! ‘Cancel’ skills
◆ If there is not enough time ‘Late’ skills do you need?
◆ If you want to know in advance the trajectory of my shots ‘trajectories View’ skills are required!
◆ Let’s hook-phone microphone to blow on the mouth, blowing into the mouth ‘skills!
◆ rain, snow, lightning, fog shot is difficult if ‘weather’ skills are the best!

* GOLFTRIX is ​​optimized for all devices, including tablets

* Korean, English, Japanese supported.


September 7, 2015
10,000 – 50,000
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3.3 and up