Glow Green CM13 CM12.x Theme v3.0

Glow Green CM13 CM12.x Theme v3.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Glow Green CM12 theme is designed to work with the Cyanogenmod theme engine.


It also works on almost all cm derivatives like Blisspop,euphoria,candy5,Resurrection Remix,validus etc.

Glow Green is an addition to our Glow themes series.

Glow is a unique combination of dark accents and green color, with realistic buttons having awesome glow effect. It is first of a kind with textured background in certain systemui elements. We have added glow icons for the launcher so that your home screen matches the overall look. Glow green also consists of unique glowing sliders system wide.

Whats in the package

● Style
● Wallpapers
● Lock Wallpapers
● Icons
● Ringtones
● Notifications 
● Alarms

What is themed

● Framework
● SystemUI
● Dialer
● Contacts
● Calculator 
● Calendar
● Gmail
● Play store
● Google Search
● Google Now Launcher
● Google Play Music
● Messaging
● Settings
● Google Hangouts
● Google Plus
● Instagram
● Theme Chooser
● Youtube
● More to come.


-Added new navbar icons and new awesome font. (old icons and navbar icons are still available through arcus).
-Added contextual notification headers for supported roms like Dirty Unicorns.
-Added missing icons in Resurrection Remix settings.
-Themed AICP extras.
-Fixed few text issues in G+
-Fixed text issues in contacts.
-Fixed text issues in messaging quick reply.
-Fixed text issues with whatsapp.

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