Gem Raiders

Gem Raiders
Gem Raiders l Version: 1.65 | Size: 35.6MB
 Developers: LUNOSOFT INC. ​| Language: English

Advanced concept of strategic arcade ‘Gem Raiders’
▶ Shake off guards(monsters) of other players and steal gems on a unique game
▶ Design your own maze to protect your precious gems from other players!
▶ Be the best gem predator in the competition of world’s players!
▶ Analyze other player’s maze and use proper outfits strategically. You can hold a dominant position with a stronger character by making various outfits.
▶ Take a journey through 90 single mode stages and explore. Change your residence there.
★ Attention ★
If you delete the game or change the device, all of your data will be initialized so we recommend you to login through the Google game service.
“Gem Raiders” the download you will need the following information about the use agreement.
– Storage (WRITE_EXTRERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): Used as required for viewing video ads.
* You can play Gem Raiders in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, French
Gem Raiders
Gem Raiders
Gem Raiders

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