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Game Guardian Extended v6.0.5.9 Apk

Demands: 2.1 + ROOT

“Video game Guardian” is a game hackalteration tool. With it, you could customize cash, HP, SP, and also far more.

New functions :

  •  enable alter all located worths
  •  sustained hunt for float worths
  •  permit filter finded information
  •  allow modification display screen restriction count
  •  included sight of logcat for daemon outcome (perhaps assist on issues).

Solutions :

  •  dealt with gap between android status bar as well as GG activity bar.
  •  fill content field on edit worth.
  •  little repairs and improvement.
  •  much better su detection.

The filters operate the adhering to principle :

  • Loading a multitude of matches which go through the rules. If the guidelines are not energetic, the filters do not function.
  • If the address matches found all the filters, it will be received the list of located.
  • The screenshots show an example of circumvention of the game with XOR file encryption.
  • In filters could be gotten in as decimal, and also hexadecimal values. To go into the hexadecimal worth contribute to the variety of leading zero. Alternatively append h in the end.

For instance :

  • 0123 – hex.
  • 123 – dec.
  • 123h – hex.

Description of industries of filters :
1. The maximum number of results that will be gone through filters.
2. The max variety of outcomes displayed in the list.
3. Show the outcome if his address is within X bytes after the outcome of passing filters.
4. Address the result of more than X.
5. Address the result is less compared to X.
6. The worth of the result is higher than X.
7. The worth of the outcome is less compared to X.
8. XOR between the address and the worth amounts to X.

3 blue selections on the switches to the right:.
Total found/ Sended to the filters/ received the outcomes.

Filters are not functioning properly with float worths. As an example, you could not define a filter Worth > 1.0 – it will certainly not function appropriately.
A similar scenario with blurry search by float. Buttons larger/ smaller sized will not work as anticipated.

taken care of some su trouble.

NOT WORKS WITH Android 5.1.1.

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