Galaxy of Trian

Galaxy of Trian
Galaxy of Trian l Version: 1.20 | Size: 49.41MB
 Developers: Grey Wizard Innovative ​| Language: English

Galaxy of Trian is an exciting, fast paced digital board game based on the highly acclaimed tabletop title.
Build a beautiful galaxy filled with planetary systems, nebula clouds, and ancient technology. Claim territories and defend them against your enemies. Build infrastructure and collect minerals. Score as much as possible and leave your opponents in the dust cloud!
Beat the 10-mission campaign or play against friends online or in the hot seat.
* Official Galaxy of Trian game with original artwork
* Pay once and play on iPad or iPhone
* Network multiplayer
* Challenge players and be challenged
* Play in hot seat mode by passing the device around
* Beautiful hand-drawn tiles
* Cloud save to allow you to continue on another device any time you need to
* 10-mission campaign
* Custom Game mode where you can face off against up to 3 AI
* Asynchronous network mode so you can play even if you don’t have much time
* Push notifications to let you know when it is your turn
* Play several games at once if you want to
Galaxy of Trian
Galaxy of Trian
Galaxy of Trian

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