FPS War 2-Shooter simulator 3D

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FPS War 2-Shooter simulator 3D
FPS War 2-Shooter simulator 3D l Version: 1.1 | Size: 25.13MB
 Developers: Kerpen Studios | Language: English

This is the sequence of one of the most popular FPS on Google Play!
In this game, you have an arsenal of guns that must be unlocked while you’re accomplishing missions. Your objective is simple: after you stole all laptops with essential informations in the previous game, now your aim is to steal all ammunitions and bombs you can!
A funny, but challenging game.
To complete your objectives, you have three guns:
» A pistol Desert Eagle
» A shotgun M87T
» A submachine MP5
You can unlock the shotgun and the submachine gun by replaying the game until you complete the objectives.
» 3 guns (all 3D)
» Various challenges
» Objectives
» Walk, jump and run freely around the map
» User friendly and effective control interface
» Upgraded and even more smart AI
and more!
Download this game if you like first person shooters, war games, or simply shooting games!
Initially you have just one gun: the deagle. Steal all five ammunition in the map to unlock the shotgun. While playing with the shotgun, now you have to steal ALSO five nuclear bombs. After that, you’ll unlock, finally, the MP5.
ATTENTION: After you steal all ammunition and, sometimes also all nuclear bombs, you have to go to the end of the map, which has a barrier, to finish the game! DO NOT FINISH THE GAME BY THE IN-GAME MENU, your progress won’t be saved!
FPS War 2-Shooter simulator 3D
FPS War 2-Shooter simulator 3D
FPS War 2-Shooter simulator 3D

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