Flarble Badness

Flarble Badness
Flarble Badness l Version: 1.04 | Size: 38.07MB
 Developers: PourFoi | Language: English

A little update, but not really anything changed, i loved this project but phones have moved on and i need to keep pace. Those with samsung s4s and above need not even try, it wont work, i’l going to keep it brief, in probably a few month this product will be given the love it deserves, this may involve a change of name and a pretty dramatic change of graphical style after the first 6 levels of the original game are completed. Yep there’s going to be a more levels, and they’ll take advantage of every trick and pretty thing i can throw at them.. i’ll test this revision o game on my htc one, just to see how it’s behaving, if its behaving badly then i’m going to possibly pull this from the asset store and completely rework it for newer phones (Development for this game started on a HTC Desire)
I’m just one guy, i dont have a load of testers or anyone else making this with me, so anyone playing the game who likes it, or finds glitches, or possibly both, please let me know what you encountered on which device, it will be a great help. Those who do help, if there’s any way to supply me with your details securely i will make sure you will be informed of the new release straight away, whenever that is possible
Thankyou for the warm comments guys, this wont be removed from peoples phones obviously, just at some point it will be made unable to download until something im much happier with takes its place
Flarble Badness
Flarble Badness

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