Fisherman – Monsters & Stuff

Fisherman - Monsters & Stuff
Fisherman - Monsters & Stuff l Version: 2.3.0 | Size: 11.62MB
 Developers: Artur Szott & patinuss | Language: English

FISH as fast as you can!
ESCAPE the monsters!
GATHER the crew and fishing stuff!
★ Beat your friends and become the best fisherman!
★ Unleash the fun with each of the 13 characters
★ Find garage parts and craft the special items
★ Fish and enjoy the colorful and pixel world
★ Collect all items (BERRY PIE!!) and go fish with one of the 8 boats
» Pick the fishing item of your choice and start the fishing madness! «
If madness is your religion and Super Mario used to teach you how to live, you won’t like the Fisherman. You are going to fall in love with it.
80s and 90s are back in a great style!
The Fisherman is the only arcade game which let you wear Bavarian socks and go fishing for terrified fishes smashing them with a little help of a berry pie. Carving a raft from a piece of wood? Pumping an inflatable toy crocodile? It’s all possible swimming between unpredictable naval mines and dreadful monsters from “B” movies.
Gain your fish fortune as Al Fish, Ron Kowalski or any other pixel bastard and spend everything on the most useless stuff.
Heartbreaking Disney-like art design and “Looney Tunes” pace in one. Crystal clear water and a breath of the theatre of absurd. That’s what the Fisherman – Monsters and Stuff is about.
Be prepared for the essence of Fisherman – Fishing, monsters and stuff.
Fisherman - Monsters & Stuff
Fisherman - Monsters & Stuff
Fisherman - Monsters & Stuff

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