First Strike 1.2.0 Apk Unlocked

First Strike Unlocked Apk

First Strike v1.2.0 Unlocked Apk

Needs: 4.0 +

Rise is a down spiral.
A nuclear armageddon is no person’s desire scenario. So choose your actions carefully, it’s a tiny path between battle and also peace. FIRST STRIKE is an excellent approach simulation featuring chic gameplay and also an instinctive user interface that makes going down the big one as easy as ABC. But make sure to take the appropriate actions to ensure your individuals’s security.

Choose one of the huge nuclear players– from known Superpowers to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea as well as plan your strategy sensibly: Restricted however clever alternatives permit you as the leader of your superpower guide your country’s fate: Broaden to other countries, build bombs or debuild in order to reorganize your arsenal. Or utilize research to expand your options, such as: Capacity to act quicker as well as develop larger bombs, far better recon on your enemies activities, automaticed self-defense-sequences and also many more.

Whether you’re a savage warmonger or a tree-hugging hippie– it’s time to put your cards on the table. A fast and also fun game with gorgeous graphics, DESCENT ON shows you just how little it takes to heat things up. With the suggestion of your finger you could manage the destiny of the valuable as well as susceptible stone drifting through area, the rock we call mothership Earth.

Just what’s New In First Strike v1.2.0 Apk

  •  Two brand new superweapons:
  •  The contaminating “Cobalt Rocket”.
  •  The practically impervious “Air Defense Dome”.
  •  Game now available in Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Turkish.
  •  Select which superweapons you intend to start the video game with.
  •  “Descent on Highlighting” reveals the potential abilities of the “Descent on” capacity.
  •  Improved run speed.
  •  Enhanced “Quick Defend” algorhythm & upgrading “Radial Food selection”.
  •  a brand new nuclear superpower as a little present.

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