Fire Maple Games Collection v1.0.7

Fire Maple Games Collection v1.0.7
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: From a spooky old mansion to an ancient island, to a fantasy world threatened by a sorceress… 


Fire Maple Games is proud to present three of their best-selling adventure games bundled together into one ULTIMATE ADVENTURE COLLECTION. 

Enjoy these three classic point-and-click adventure games for the price of two! 

The Secret of Grisly Manor – Your eccentric grandfather invites you to the family estate and promises to show you something truly amazing – but first you must find him! 

The Lost City – An ancient artifact must be returned to a mysterious island whose location has remained secret for countless years. You will need to uncover hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles to restore peace to this mystical civilization. 

The Hidden World – After accidentally finding a secret passage to another realm, you find yourself thrown into the adventure of a lifetime. It will take all your cunning, and the help of a few inhabitants you meet along the way, to break the spell of an evil sorceress who is holding this magical world captive.

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