FinanceMission Heroes

FinanceMission Heroes
FinanceMission Heroes l Version: 1.0.02 | Size: 58.11MB
 Developers: Blindflug Studios AG | Language: English

Dr Violetta’s Robos are in town. The papers are overflowing with news like “Our city is overrun with Robos and they are after our bank accounts!” Almost everything has been hacked already: your savings, the account of your parents as well as the one of your granny. They are struggling to even pay the rent!
And the Robos aren’t stopping for anything. When they, one afternoon, break into your school to get your class savings, a few courageous students are forming a counter movement. Become a hero of the night and put an end to the burglaries without your parents noticing. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to put an end to all this nonsense.
We are the “Heroes!”
Customize your own, personal hero and equip him with a multitude of weaponry and costumes.
Earn money and invest it smartly. Keep track of your budget and devise clever strategies to advance.
Fight through ten action-packed, randomly generated levels and show the creator of the Robos who’s boss!
FinanceMission Heroes
FinanceMission Heroes
FinanceMission Heroes

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