Final Fantasy IX v1.1.9 Proper Mod Apk
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Due to the size of the application, the download may take a considerable amount of time to complete. The app uses 3.2GB of space. When downloading the game for the first time, you must have more than 4GB of space available on your device. Version updates for the app will use more than 4GB of space. Please ensure that there is plenty of space available on your device before downloading.


Offering more than five million duplicates since its discharge in 2000, Final Fantasy IX gladly returns on Android!

Presently you can remember the enterprises of Zidane and his team in the palm of your hands!

Appreciate this exemplary Final Fantasy involvement with no extra charges or buys.


Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have captured Princess Garnet, the beneficiary of Alexandria.

Amazingly, be that as it may, the princess herself longed to get away from the palace.

Through a progression of abnormal circumstances, she and her own gatekeeper, Steiner, fall in with Zidane and set out on a mind boggling venture.

Meeting extraordinary characters like Vivi and Quina along the way, they find out about themselves, the insider facts of the Crystal, and a pernicious power that undermines to devastate their reality.

■Gameplay Features


Learn new capacities by preparing things.

At the point when completely aced, these capacities can be utilized even without preparing things, taking into account almost unending customization alternatives.


Fill your Trance gage as you manage hits in fight.

At the point when completely charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, allowing them effective new abilities!


Never let things go to squander. Join two things or bits of hardware together and improve, more grounded things!


Whether it’s Chocobo Hot and Cold, Jump Rope, or Tetra Master, there are a lot of minigames to appreciate when you’re not off sparing the world.

You can even win unique thing rewards!

■Additional Features


・7 diversion supporters including rapid and no experience modes.


・High-definition films and character models.

■Operating System

Android 4.1 or later


– We have rectified the measure of Magic Stones that exchange from Marcus to Eiko when she joins the gathering.

(The measure of Magic Stones in recreations where Eiko has effectively joined the gathering will likewise be amended taking into account level. In any case, the measure of Magic Stones that move from Marcus in future may shift. New recreations and diversions where Eiko was added to the gathering simply after the upgrade ought to work typically. Much thanks to you for your understanding.)


1. An excessive number of things mod – sort stock and get 99 of each thing in the diversion

2. DRM skirted

* different tricks like max level and gil hacks are executed in the in-diversion cheat menu

Riu expel Go through articles and NPCs with this mod difficult to play!

This application has no notices.

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