Era of War v2.0 [Mod]

Era of War v2.0 [Mod]
Overview: EOW is a reality strategy game, relax, but intellectual and creative


EOW is a strategy game, it can be seen as COC of Vietnam. Your missions in this game are building house, building the army and fighting. The right strategy will help you become an excellent leader
EOW world is imitated ancient Northern Europe era when the people and the supernatural power was fighting together 
You need build an powerful army, use your strategy talent to fight with others on the world, occupy the precious resources and get the fame
Penetrate into other territory, you can chose the appropriate position, drop troop, destroy the building of rival, use a good strategy could help you decrease the amount of troop that you use)
Make your territory become a castle-fortress inviolability and affirm sovereignty in the era of chaos
Participate in the Clan to strengthen your army power as well as take part in the grand Clan war
Advance features:
– The beautiful image, great sound 
– Build house, design the territory and defense structure creatively
– Attack other kingdom to build the fame and get the resources to develop your empire 
– Amount of character diverse with more 10 types and have many levels different 
– Discover hundreds of tactics, combination of not only soldiers but special monsters, strong god and nimble god with the powerful magic.
– Overcome the difficult camping map to gain the precious resources 
– Make Clan, invite your friends and other players, share the fighting moment, together develop the Clan more stronger
– Participate in the Clan War and win to gain more resources 
EOW is a quality entertainment game. With the professional support staff, all problem will be solved in 24hours 

New updates in version 2.0:
1. Updates:
– New graphic design and graphical user interface
– Updated Food storage, Clan Hall and Research Center, Punch Trap, Cluster Bomb, Single Air Bomb, Gasbag, King Kong and Warriors
– Cannon level 13
– Dragon level 5 and Fire bat level 7
– Oil rig available to be built at Stronghold level 7
2. New features
– Able to transfer and link devices
– Rename card
– Able to “boost all” resource collectors.
– Able to boost defensive system in Clan wars.

– Free Boosting
– Increased Boost Time

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