ElectroDroid Pro v4.1 Cracked Apk

ElectroDroid Pro v4.1 Cracked Apk
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Effective collection of electronic devices devices as well as referral. A must for any sort of enthusiast

ElectroDroid PRO is a straightforward and strong collection of electronic devices tools and referrals.
The PRO version of Electrodroid does not possess any kind of ads, as well as that has additional functions in comparison to the free of cost variation.
The app includes:
– Resistor color standard decoder (3-6 bands, holding inverted look-up);
– SMD Resistor Standard;
– Inductor shade standard decoder;
– Ohm’s rule calculator;
– Reactance/Resonance personal digital assistant;
– Current divider;
– Resistors proportion, value/series/parallel;
– Capacitor charge computation;
– Operational amplifier;
– LED resistor calculator (along with personalized data source);
– Flexible current regulator/LM317 personal digital assistant (with personalized market values);
– Heat energy abandonment;
– Battery Way of life personal digital assistant;
– Inductor type device;
– Current Decline calculator;
– PCB Indication Distance calculator;
– Easy Filters personal digital assistant;
– NE555 personal digital assistant;
– Power Personal digital assistant;
– RMS Converter;
– Decibel Converter;
– Frequency Converter;
– Analog-Digital Converter;
– Y-Δ Improvement;
– Assortment Converter;
– Slot pin-out (USB, Serial, Identical, Ethernet, RJ, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, VESA, Display Slot, FireWire, Jack, RCA, XLR/DMX, ATX Power, Personal Computer Molex, EIDE, SATA, PS/2-AT, MIDI/Game port, Apple 30-pin, PDMI, OBD-II, 25-pair phone wire shade regulation, Color Regulation for Fiber Optic Cables, SD card, Raspberry Pi, Liquid Crystal Displays, GPIB/IEEE -488; ISO adapter for vehicle audio; Arduino pin-outs);
– Funds (Resistivity dinner table; Dining table of conventional resistors as well as capacitors; Capacitor blemishing codes; AWG and also SWG Wire measurements; Ampacity Dining table; Signs as well as Acronyms; Circuit Representational Icons; SI Units prefixes; Electric battery details; Boolean reasoning entrance and also algebra Theories; 7400 facts and pinout; ASCII standards, Batteries list, 78xx IC, ChipDB IC pinouts, Switch over Relevant information, Decibel Dining table, IMAGE ICSP/AVR ISP, SMD Package deal Size, Carrier frequency, PT100 Transformation Table, Fuses as well as Automotive Fuses colour code; Thermocouples color codes);
– Complete help for EIA resistor collection for all personal digital assistants;
…… and also more ahead!

The application has also sustain for plugins to increase functionality of the treatment (e.g. PIC and also AVR micro-controllers Database, simulators, components search).
If you like the program, satisfy cost that.
For Frequently Asked Question as well as comprehensive change-log, browse through ElectroDroid – – Electronic devices in your hand

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This application has no advertisements

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