Electrical Engineering Pro v3.1 Apk

Electrical Engineering Pro v3.1 Apk
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Overview: This app is the Pro-Version of “Electrical Engineering”, completely without advertisements

This application includes 3 useful electric tools, an Electrical Calculator, an Electric Circuit Calculator and even Electrical Formulas.

Electric Calculator: You are able to compute the most crucial electric dimensions. You could compute the Electric Power, Electrical Resistance, Electric Cost, Electric Job as well as Electrical Current.

Electrical Circuit: You are able to compute the current in parallel circuits (both complete and partial), the voltage in series circuits (both complete and also partial) and even the resistance in parallel and even series circuits.

Electrical Solutions: You could see the formulas for the Electrical Power, Electric Resistance, Electric Work, Electric Existing and even Electrical Fee.

The best app for school, college as well as work

This application has NO ads.



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