Electrical Engineering Pack 2.0 Apk

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Electrical Engineering Pack v2.0 Apk

Needs: 1.6 and also Up

Electrical Engineering Load includes 39 Electrical Calculators as well as 16 Electrical Converters. A full quick guide for Electric Engineers, Specialists and Students.
Available in English, Italiano, Deutsch & Portuguese.

Electric Calculator has 39 Calculators, that can quickly as well as quickly calculate various electric specifications.
Automatic Calculations and also Conversions with every System as well as Worth Modifications.

Electrical Calculator :

  •  Ohms Regulation Calculator
  •  Voltage Calculator
  •  Current Calculator
  •  Resistance Calculator
  •  Power Calculator
  •  Solitary Stage Power Calculator
  •  Three Stage Power Calculator
  •  Solitary Phase Existing Calculator
  •  Three Phase Existing Calculator
  •  DC HorsePower Calculator
  •  Solitary Stage HorsePower Calculator
  •  3 Stage Horse power Calculator
  •  DC Present (HP) Calculator
  •  Solitary Stage Existing (HP) Calculator
  •  3 Phase Present (HP) Calculator
  •  Efficiency (DC) Calculator
  •  Performance (Single Stage) Calculator
  •  Effectiveness (Three Stage) Calculator
  •  Power Factor (Single Stage) Calculator
  •  Power Factor (3 Phase) Calculator
  •  Light bulb Computation
  •  Luminescent Strength Calculator
  •  Luminescent Flux Calculator
  •  Strong Angle Calculator
  •  Power Price Calculator
  •  Energy Storage Calculator
  •  Resistance
  •  Inductance
  •  Capacitance
  •  Celebrity to Delta Conversion
  •  Delta to Star Conversion
  •  Inductive Reactance Calculator
  •  Capacitive Reactance Calculator
  •  Resonant Regularity Calculator
  •  Inductor Sizing Equation
  •  Capcitor Sizing Formula
  •  Resistance (Series) Calculator
  •  Resistance (Identical) Calculator
  •  Inductance (Series) Calculator
  •  Inductance (Parallel) Calculator
  •  Capacitance (Collection) Calculator
  •  Capacitance (Parallel) Calculator
  • Electric Converter is a conversion calculator that can promptly as well as easy translate various electric units of measure.
  • It contains 16 Classifications with 173 Systems and also 2162 Conversions.

Electric Converter :

  •  Industry Toughness
  •  Electric Prospective
  •  Resistance
  •  Resistivity
  •  Conductance
  •  Conductivity
  •  Capacitance
  •  Inductance
  •  Fee
  •  Linear Charge Thickness
  •  Area Fee Thickness
  •  Volume Fee Density
  •  Current
  •  Linear Current Thickness
  •  Area Present Quality
  •  Power

Trick Features :

  • Skillfully and also Newly made user-interface that accelerates Data Access, Easy Watching as well as Calculation Speed.
  •  Multiple options for computing each values.
  •  Automatic estimation of the outcome relative to modifications in the Input, Options and also Devices.
  •  Several Devices are provided for each specifications for conversion function.
  •  Formulas are provided for each calculator.
  •  Extremely Exact Calculators.
  • A Total Electric Overview

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