Eat Dirt Hill Climb 3D

Eat Dirt Hill Climb 3D
Eat Dirt Hill Climb 3D l Version: 3.0 | Size: 20.08MB
 Developers: Fail Code Games | Language: English

This is a Physics Based 3D Hill Climbing Off Road Racing Game but not like any you have ever played before. Start out with a beat up old truck and fight your way through Challenging Terrain. LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVMENTS are working, so you can compete globally with other players! Hills are a challenge just to get up and dirt realistically flings off your tires just like in real life! Hill climbs, jumps, bumps, working suspension, and flying mud are what you are about to see in this game!
Playing on the go? Easily quit anytime during a race and you will never lose any progress!
Super simple controls, not tilting, the gas and break lean the vehicle! Realistic suspension physics that changes as you upgrade your vehicle. Upgrades make dramatic changes to the vehicle you can see and feel right away!
Features fun Mini Games with Leaderboard Competition and Unlimited Terrain one some levels as well Mini games such as Haul the Box mode, wheelie mode, Unlimited Baja, freestyle jump course also!
Massive Upgrade System: You will Need Bigger, Better Wheels And Shocks to Get up steep Hills, don’t worry, We got you covered. See and feel the difference it makes after each upgrade!
Like Hill Climb Competition or mini games? With leaderboards, you can see which one of your friends you are smoking on the mini games or who has a higher score!
Optional Pro Tuner Mode: Completely tune your entire Vehicle for each race with 14 parameters to adjust. Want it Higher? Jack it way up. Want it faster? Tune up the Engine. Want to fly off the top of hills? Do Weight Reduction. Cant make it up the hill? Better Tires!
Rewarding Gameplay: Coins to collect wherever decide to Go and you earn score for playing as well, then post it to leaderboards to see your ranking!
There are No Ads In Our Games, we are funded by the generosity of our players who decide to buy in app Purchases, Or purchase our paid apps. Thanks you for doing so if you choose, also its easy to follow us on Twitter with a button in the game and we appreciate that as well! Now go Climb some Hills!
A note to players:
We have no ads, and we don’t force you to buy in app purchases like so many games are starting to do. Sadly some of the biggest names in the business are doing these dishonest things such as charging you real money to not have to wait to play or paying to win the game. We are against these types of practices due to the fundament damage it is doing to the level of trust in the gaming community, and because of this, we don’t make much money off these games. If you enjoy the game, consider buying me a beer for my hard work by buying an in app purchase even if only a dollar one. Thank you for playing and please report problems or suggestions with the game by Fail Code Games email, PLEASE DONT USE THE COMMENTS TO REPORT BUGS. Any bug you have will be fixed IMEDIATELY upon me knowing about it.
Eat Dirt Hill Climb 3D
Eat Dirt Hill Climb 3D
Eat Dirt Hill Climb 3D

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