Earth Live Wallpaper HD v1.6

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 Earth Live Wallpaper HD v1.6

The successor of Earth Live Wallpaper !!
watch lots of planets on your main screen, more than 200 with real and fictive ones. find some star wars planets, star trek ones, avatar, futurama etc… (and still the death star 2 model)

-navtive opengl2 code
-realtime mode/rotation
satellite clouds refreshed every 3 hours
-pinch to zoom
-use gps to show your location
-custom background
-hd compressed textures (etc1 for compatibility)

What’s New:
Bugfixes and user request :
-Toggle atmospheric halo on/off
-Toggle night on/off
-Customize rotation axis
-Moon is facing earth the good side now
-Saturn’s ring shows in all mode
-Planet name can be displayed and adjusted in size and position.
Future features of next update:
-gyroscopic rotation
-clouds animation
-sun reflection

More Info in Google Play

Download Earth Live Wallpaper HD v1.6 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR


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