Drunk Way

Drunk Way

Drunk Way
Drunk Way l Version: 1.2 | Size: 22.83MB
 Developers: Oleksandr Severenchuk | Language: English

Help amusing, much drunken game character to reach his home from the bar “on Shank’s pony”!
Manage the little man-bottle with just a single touch to the playing field. Our character goes from bar’s door from left to right. You need to alternate the frequency of touching the screen to capture the character’s reaction and to predict which way he will start to fall and help him to tramp staggering feet. All this in order to keep his balance and deliver the poor guy to home located just 254 meters from the start.
There are also:
* Global high-scores;
* In-game records with friends;
* Playing your “journey” with Everyplay (on supported devices);
* Realistic faceplants
Publish your video records in social networks and YouTube, compete with live opponents by connected game-centre. Create new records!
Drunk Way
Drunk Way
Drunk Way

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