DrChengs’s Cockulator v2.5

DrChengs’s Cockulator v2.5
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Overview: DrCheng’s Cockulator uses a formula based on “2D:4D-ratio” to estimate penis length by taking a photo of the test subjects hand.


Scientific studies have shown a correlation between a mans erect penis length and the
difference in length between his index and ring fingers on his right hand, the so called
2D:4D-ratio. The ratio is believed to be influenced by fetal exposure to the sex hormone
testosterone which makes it possible to use the 2D:4D-ratio to estimate penis size. The
longer the ring finger compared with the index finger, the higher the fetal exposure to
testosterone and thus the larger the penis.

DrCheng’s Cockulator uses a formula based on this notion to estimate penis length by
taking a photo of the test subjects hand and is the most accurate penis size calculator on the market!

DrCheng’s Cockulator is developed by a profesional physician. Its stream-lined design
makes it easy and fun to use. Just follow these simple steps:
1.Take or upload a photo of test subjects RIGHT hand.
2.Mark the INDEX finger from fingertip to knuckle using the RED crosshairs.
3.Mark RING finger from fingertip to knuckle using the GREEN crosshairs.
*Make sure to be as accurate as possible. The more accurate you are, the more accurate will the estimation be.
4.Click done and let DrCheng’s Cockulator calculate the test subjects penis length!

Compare with your friends, who has really got the biggest dick, measure your cocks without
dropping no pants? Curious about your date? Just take a photo of his right hand! Or why not
upload a photo of your favorite celebrity’s right hand to calculate his cock size? It is all possible
using DrCheng’s Cockulator!

Thank you for submitting your feedback and reporting bugs and crashes! We do our best to
improve DrCheng’s Cockulator

*Although based on scientific studies, results are estimations and should be treated as such.

130101 – version 1.2 uploaded. Bug causing crash on some devices fixed.
130127 – version 2.0 uploaded. Bug causing crash due to memory depletion fixed.
130403 – version 2.4 uploaded. Change of name to DrCheng’s Cockulator. New icon. Updated formula for calculating penis size.
130915 – version 2.5 uploaded. Issue regarding scaling resolved.

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