Despicable Me 2.0.3b APK

Despicable Me 2.0.3b APK (Free Shopping)

Despicable Me 2.0.3b APK

Despicable Me APK has actually been updated for android gadgets. This version of the game has fixed some of the small bugs. Your mission is to impress the employer with the humorous and quick paced difficult levels while playing as Minion. Defeat the bad guys while flying jumping and passing obstacles for earning the title of Minion of the Year.

Despicable Me APK Features:

  • Enjoy the hilarious Minion minutes.
  • Hundreds of objectives to carry out despicable acts.
  • Pass from the iconic locations, all them are full of surprises with keys and barriers.
  • Distinct weapons, outfits and power-ups are for personalization of minion.
  • All brand-new villain produced for the video game purposes and battle vector.
  • Dynamic camera angles for enjoyment.
  • Different incentive gameplays.
  • Special employer battles, secrets areas and fantastic power-ups.
  • Experience things as Mega Minion for destroying.
  • Ride of your life with by holding on with Gru’s Rocket.
  • Complete integration with leaderboard for examining complete rating of your friend’s finest rating.

Despicable Me APK has no advertisement. Enjoy the special and fun video game of minion who are striving and completing various mission to impress your manager.



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