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★ ★ Classic masterpiece onlineWHAT IS IT?
Before you mobile tactical role-playing online game Demon Slayer, which conquered the world. Now millions of players from dozens of countries can enjoy your favorite game in Russian!

You can spend time in the various dungeons, and if you are tired of fighting campaigns, you can start building your castle, farm development and growth on its different cultures. All this will give different bonuses enhance the character.

Group mode
You are waiting for exciting group activities, where you can spend time with friends. Evil monsters, dungeons and an incredible battle in the group stage will not let you get bored.

Guilds and PVP
It is the first mobile game in which you’ll find many modes of confrontation with other players: Arena, Guild Wars, Battles classes battlefield, and more!

Thanks to easy operation, you can play anywhere, even with one hand! You might wonder how such an interesting and challenging game can be so easy to use and manage.

Gripping story
The plot of the game is the story of salvation Balenor beautiful world from the dark forces. Demon King Jaros with their henchmen trying to absorb the souls of men. You can become one of the warriors of light who are ready to fight against evil monsters and save the world from destruction. The game has three classes: Warrior, which is well-wielded sword and shield, archer who pours enemies hail of arrows and a mage who takes on the role of support, healing allies or attacking the enemies of magic spells.

Fight, Chat, make friends, and build exciting! Forward to the adventures in the world of Demon Slayer!

What’s New

The new version offers the following changes :
 - Heavenly City
 - Weddings
 - System avatars
 - Arena avatars
 - The sacred altar
 - Group purchase
 - New developments
 - Chests VIP
 - Wings of freshness
 - New styles
 NEW steed
 - Young Griffin
 - Mermaid
 - Ice Grizzly
 - Snow Leopard
 - Golden horse
 - Guinea pig
 - Mountain Yak
 - Fixed various bugs of the previous version.
 Full list here :