Defense 39

Defense 39
Defense 39 l Version: 1.1.5 | Size: 35.92MB
 Developers: Sirocco Mobile Sp. z o.o. | Language: English

The world is holding its breath …
Outside your bunker are hordes of charging Nazis …
Take aim …
Check your courage …
Defense 39 is the next heart-racing, nail-biting, ground-shaking evolution of the defense genre! Set in Poland at the sites of the very first ferocious battles of World War II, Defense 39 puts you in the middle of the action! There’s nothing between you and total Nazi domination except your guts and your BLAZING GUNS!
There IS no retreat! Only bloody victory … or bloody defeat!
=== Defense 39 App FEATURES ===
* Intuitive, sleek interface.
* A whole new approach to the tower defense genre.
* Unique, intuitive targeting system.
* Fast-paced war action.
* Massive number of units simultaneously on-screen.
* 10 varying locations with over 70 missions!
* Variety of weapons to use and enemies to destroy.
* Medal-based, diverse upgrade system.
* Survival mode for those seeking the ultimate challenge.
* Optimization for all the latest mobile devices.
* Updates to ensure flawless use and new bonus features.
In between each mission, you get to load up with the nastiest weaponry of World War II! But it’s important to pick the firepower that works best against the different troops you’ll be facing with each new challenge.
Read your intelligence reports carefully and then GO GET SOME! As you collect medals for brave victories, you’ll gain access to machine guns, anti-tank guns, grenade launchers, bazookas, flamethrowers, mortars, anti-tank cannons, and the BIG mortars (they vaporize everything on the battlefield with one tap!).
Once you’ve got the firepower, you can purchase new defensive positions or fortify the ones you already own.
What better way to welcome the invaders to Poland than with a storm of bullets, mad explosions, and flying body parts!
* Defense game fanatics.
* Having high-energy fun.
* Passing the time in a snap.
* War buffs.
* Gun fans.
* Hardcore gamers.
* History enthusiasts.
* Challenging your nerves.
* Getting lost in a heroic cause.
* Channeling your inner warrior.
* Challenging your friends … and foes.
==> The World’s Most Addictive War Defense Game Dubbed as “The World’s Most Addictive War Defense Game”, Defense 39 has quickly become a favorite mobile app among users. It has generated a major buzz on social media and its fans are spreading across the globe and taking up arms against the invading German armies!
Choose between “Campaign” or “Survival” mode. Campaign takes you battle-by-battle, weapon by weapon, and into various fortified positions, and into the fight for freedom. Survival mode is all about non-stop, high-speed blazing guns! The enemies don’t stop coming and neither do the body bags!
“I’ve tried every defense game I can find and Defense 39 blows them all away! I love how it’s so easy to jump in and start blasting bad guys. Plus there’s all kinds of weapons to earn. Graphics are great and the battle feel is the best of any app! Gotta go! I’ve got a war to win!”
— Ran2forty
=== HOW Defense 39 WORKS ===
* Open it up and it’s ready to play!
* Pick either “Campaign” or “Survival” mode.
* Check out the battlefield.
* Start Blasting and collecting victories!
* Use your medals to build your defenses and get new weapons.
Defense 39 is the only combat defense app you’ll ever want! Having fun while blasting the heck out of bad guys just got really simple: Defense 39!
Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Defense 39! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us and we will help you!
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Defense 39
Defense 39
Defense 39

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