Dead Finger: Zombie Fest (Unreleased)

Dead Finger: Zombie Fest (Unreleased)
Dead Finger: Zombie Fest (Unreleased) l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 38.8MB
 Developers: GVN Studio ​| Language: English

Hack your way through the horde of zombies in this innovating Tap ‘n Slash game. Dead Finger is a bold new take on the familiar tap games with a new and evolutional combat system. Use your finger to make fast swipes and unleash devastating combos to decimate ferocious zombies. A great choice to spend your Halloween with.
Do you have what it takes to make insane chain-attacks on the hordes of the walking dead? Swipe fast, and swipe true to keep up the combos. The more hits you chain, the more powerful your combos become. And the higher your combos, the better the loots. What’s more to ask for in a nonstop idle zombie-slaughtering game?
…not your toes. Although technically you can use your toes to play DEAD FINGER, we highly advised you not to. Since it has been scientifically proved that your fingers are, in most case, easier to control and more precise than your toes. Of course, if you really want a good challenge or simply hate your phone, just do it anyway.
We don’t actually know what HD Graphics means. But it seems all other games put this in their descriptions so it’s like “oh well…”. Anyway, we have HD Graphics. Really, we do !!! Your eyes will be popping like Popeyes.
Even if you don’t have an Internet connection because DEAD FINGER is an OFFLINE Zombie Tap ‘n Slash game. That means you can play it on the train, the bus, on your way to work, school, a date, while lining for tax paying, etc… Let’s just say you have find your very own Zombie GO.
★ ZOMBIES of thousands of levels to battle through
★ SWIPE your finger to kill tons of zombies and bosses
★ COMBO tricks to quickly kill zombies
★ MUTATE your character to survive the zombie world
★ COLLECTION of 28 powerful abilities
★ DAILY QUESTS to refill your arsenal with ammo and buffs
★ ACHIEVEMENTS with precious rewards
Any feedback and suggestion please send to [email protected] Enjoy DEAD FINGER!
Dead Finger: Zombie Fest (Unreleased)
Dead Finger: Zombie Fest (Unreleased)
Dead Finger: Zombie Fest (Unreleased)

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