Darker Pro 2.2.0 Proper Apk

Darker Pro v2.2.0 Proper Apk Free Download

Darker Pro v2.2.0 Proper Apk

Requirements: GB 2.3.3+|NO need for LP or covered General Practitioner

Darker can lower your display brightness to incredibly reduced levels, to assist prevent eyestrain during the night.
Darker could lower your screen illumination to extremely low levels, that can help prevent eyestrain during the night. Use the built-in shade filter * to change the shade of your screen, best for straining extreme white backgrounds during the evening.

The color filter is similar to how the desktop variation of f.lux jobs. Choosing a redder color will decrease more blue light produced from the screen.
Individuals could either upgrade the free variation to Pro through in-app purchase, or directly purchase this version (for countries that don’t assist In-app purchases) – both coincide in regards to performance.

Features simply in the Pro variation:

  • Auto-On & Auto-Off
  • Start at boot
  • Lower brightness here 20 %.
  • Darken navigation bar.
  • Customizable alert switches.
  • As much as 3 buttons could be brought in for quick accessibility.
  • Buttons to raise as well as lower the brightness (+5 %, -5 %, +10 %, -10 %).
  • Buttons to establish a specific brightness (@ 0 %, @ 10 %, @ 20 %, …, @ 90 %, @ ONE HUNDRED %).
  • Quick toggles (stop, stop briefly, reset).
  • Note: When by hand installing APK data, Android obstructs the “Install” button from being pushed when Darker is running. This is NOT a pest. It’s a protective measure to avoid malicious applications from camouflaging the set up button. Pausing Darker will certainly solve this.
  • Tasker Assistance.

Darker Apk has Tasker support, make use of these intents to send commands to Darker :
darkerpro.INCREASE _ 5.
darkerpro.INCREASE _ 10.
darkerpro.DECREASE _ 5.
darkerpro.DECREASE _ 10.
darkerpro.SET _ 10.
darkerpro.SET _ 20.
darkerpro.SET _ 30.
darkerpro.SET _ 40.
darkerpro.SET _ 50.
darkerpro.SET _ 60.
darkerpro.SET _ 70.
darkerpro.SET _ 80.
darkerpro.SET _ 90.
darkerpro.SET _ ONE HUNDRED.
darkerpro.TOGGLE _ COLOR.
darkerpro.ENABLE _ COLOR.
darkerpro.DISABLE _ COLOR.
Include the above intents to Tasker by visiting Action Classification Misc Send Intent Action, leave the other areas default, as well as note that the intents are instance sensitive.
These 2 intents here need an additional parameter in the “Addition” field.
darkerpro.SETCOLOR “Addition” field: COLOR:1 ~ 16 (Colors are numbered delegated right, top to bottom).
darkerpro.COLORSTRENGTH “Extra” area: STRENGTH:1 ~ 10.

What’s New In Darker Pro Apk

  • Jan. 29.
  • Updated to Product Design.
  • Taken out light sensor limit (enter your own worth by selecting the restriction).

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