dARK Icons v1.3.1

dARK Icons v1.3.1
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: As the reverse version of ARK, dARK brings the same design from ARK, dARK has a different twist, dark colors.


dARK has over 720 icons, with over 900 themed apps, 15 generic folders, 25 drawers, more than 24 cloud based wallpapers tested specifically for dARK icons, dynamic calendars, CM Theme Engine, LG Home and Xperia Home support.

The Polar dashboard by Aidan Follestad and Tom Wellington was implemented and tweaked specifically to match and highlight the design of the icons, delivering a truly premium product that will continue to be supported with constant updates, unique content and the best look for your device.

Like ARK, dARK will look unique and bring a lot of creativity to your device, making it a great companion for any casual or hardcore customization lover.


Mk4 – Update 1:
• With a bit of help with the One-Above-All (Aidan Follestad), Tony was finally able to fix the icon masking issue.
He also updated the dashboard and included with it came a free splash screen.
Mk4 Update:
Tony thought that he fixed the Icon Masking issue.
– Some villains aren’t as easy to defeat as Mr. Stane, said JARVIS
• Over 55 themed apps
• Over 50new icons
• 2 New wallpapers
• Donation options added
• Activity Fixes

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