Dantes Redemption Mod APK Unlimited Gold and Gems

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Download Dantes Redemption Apk Mod Unlimited Gold and Gems,New Update With Version 1.0.0

Dante’s Redemption is a dark medieval setting based on The Divine Comedy poem. The protagonist is the actual poet, themed up as a repenting crusader that damns and absolves sinful souls in the inferno. The game had killer gameplay, awesome combat animations, great soundtrack, audio and VFX. Dante’s fortitude wasn’t the only characteristic dimension; his personality had great depth, a tormented soul that matured throughout his journey in the inferno. It’s an interesting as many mythological films / games with the concepts of hell and heaven, or angels and demons, stemmed from or are intertwined with theology.

Feel the adrenaline at your fingertips!
An amazing action role-playing game, provides you with exciting fighting experience!
Real & magnificent scenes, beautiful character’s design, mystery career, fierce battle and abundant rewards, whatever you want, you can find it here!

+ Play the most refreshing action RPG that will keep you breathless!
+ Intense EX skills that jump off the screen!
+ Experience a game system like no other – full 3D!
+ Grow stronger through more different stages!
+ Magnificent and real scenes
+ Astonishing music
+ Unique role upgrading system
+ Endless level, waiting for you to challenge! defend yourself from monster + skeleton + zombie Wave


||Game:   Dantes Redemption APK ||
||Version:  1.0.0  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:   https://play.google.com/.dante ||
||Mod:   Unlimited Gold and Gems  ||


Intruction Installing:
Download Files’s Above
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Play The Game