Dadi vs Monsters (DvM)

Dadi vs Monsters (DvM)
Dadi vs Monsters (DvM) l Version: 1.1 | Size: 21.8MB
 Developers: Tiny Mogul Games | Language: English

Proudly made with ♥ in India!
The highly anticipated sequel to Dadi vs Jellies (awarded NASSCOM Gaming Forum’s Game of the Year 2014).
Dadi is back! – Fighting monsters and saving her grandkids.
When the world needs a new hero, we turn to the one grandmother who can scold our parents and get away with it, all the while setting things right – now that’s a superpower!
The evil monsters have invaded Dadi’s territory, and have kidnapped 10 of her grandchildren. Dadi must fight through 75 stages to save them all before they’re turned into monsters themselves. And she will have to go through the likes of Ramesh, Raju, Jitender and other oddly-named quirky beasts.
But she has help! Introducing…
– The Shatru Gun – Shoot monsters with Dadi’s home-made gun.
– The Frying Pan – Why cook ’em when you can smash ’em?
– Dadi’s Dentures – Bite off monsters with these deadly dentures. Take that, cavities!
– Rechargeable Battery – Shock and paralyze enemies right in their tracks!
– The Cylinder of Death – Blast monsters into pieces. Who doesn’t like explosions!
– Dadi’s Sneeze – Unleash Dadi’s inner beast with this “nosey” power up. Gesundheit!
Complete Stages to earn coins and upgrade your gun, power-ups and wall even further, so Dadi can defeat these monsters once and for all!
But wait, there’s more!
* Connect via G+ and be a part of daily and weekly leaderboards on DvM
* Unlock awesome achievements
* Connect via Facebook – Send gifts to friends and Invite them
* And don’t forget to send your friends a steaming cup of chai – believe us – it will come in handy
Dadi vs Monsters (DvM)
Dadi vs Monsters (DvM)
Dadi vs Monsters (DvM)

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