Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 v7.580.48 [Mod]

Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 v7.580.48 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Match Charms & Magic Jewels in Curse of the Pharaoh


Welcome to the Egyptian enchanted wonderland of Cleopatra. The curse of the pharaoh is a sacrifice from the pharaohs, they made an marvelous puzzle adventure with match 3 cascade game gameplay. The pyramids of Egypt pharaohs have charms inside and lots of magic jewels. Cleopatra will help you to sacrifice charms and become one of the stars of treasure hunters. This marvelous puzzle adventure in an enchanted wonderland can start! It’s time to break the pharaohs curse.

Curse of the Pharaoh: Match 3 Cascade Game

Colorful Enchanted Wonderland
Enjoy this marvelous puzzle adventure through the pyramids of Egypt and explore an enchanted wonderland with Cleopatra. Find the magic jewels like real treasure hunters and match charms like famous Egyptian stars.

Pharaohs Sacrifice
The ancient Egypt pharaohs have put the curse of the pharaoh into the pyramids of Gizah. Enter this match 3 cascade game and explore an marvelous puzzle adventure through the charms in the pyramids.

Magic Jewels for Treasure Hunters
Become one of the stars in this ancient Egypt and win this marvelous puzzle adventure through the Egyptian pyramids. They’re full of magic jewels and charms from the pharaohs. They sacrifice them for the curse of the pharaoh, can you release it again in this match 3 cascade game?

Match 3 cascade game levels are challenging, but you’ll have the help of Cleopatra to reach the stars and become real treasure hunters between the magic jewels and charms in the Egytpian pyramids of Egypt. Connect with Facebook to play against and with friends and family. Sacrifice the charms in this enchanted wonderland of the pharaohs to win this marvelous puzzle adventure.

Are you ready for matching magic jewels in the pyramid? Let’s start to break the curse of the pharaoh and release amazing stars. Become amazing treasure hunters and get all treasures from the Egypt kingdom. Let’s puzzle and have fun for free!

Note: This match 3 cascade game is completely free to play, but some in-game elements such as gold can require real payment.

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New levels are included in the ancient Egypt wonderland. Are you going to solve the new riddles in the pyramids? Have fun!
Please update to make sure you have the best version!

– Unlimited Coins.
– Unlimited moves. “increase”
– Premium account Activated.
– Unlimited Lives.
– Unlimited Boosters.
– Ads Removed.

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