CRY_The Blackened Soul

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CRY_The Blackened Soul
CRY_The Blackened Soul l Version: 0.1.6 | Size: 37.39MB Developers: Eyedentity Mobile | Language: English

Corrupt gods have taken away everyone and everything from me,
My family, friends, even my daily life…
Now, all I want is the total obliteration of the gods.
I will walk on the path of demon, as long as I can destroy them!
*A Wide Range of Skill Combos*
Combine 3 different skills to create your own combo.
Over 80 diverse skill combos to choose from!
*Boast with Attractive and Unique Costumes*
Discover high-quality, stylish costumes as you play through each chapter.
Make your character look more distinct and precious!
*PvP and Party Play in Real-time!*
Defeat your true opponent in the real-time PvP.
Approach Multi-Raid more strategically with a party!
CRY_The Blackened Soul
CRY_The Blackened Soul
CRY_The Blackened Soul

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