Crusader Kings: Chronicles v1.2 (Unlocked)

Crusader Kings: Chronicles v1.2 (Unlocked)
Requirements: 4.0.3
Overview: Crusader Kings: Chronicles is an interactive text based game that puts you in the shoes of Guy de Rose as you make your own choices in defending the castle, riding into battle, plotting cunning plans and maybe even engaging in a bit of carnal sin!


Crusader Kings: Chronicles takes place in the middle of the war-torn borderlands, where the Scots and the Brits battle for the power and all sense of chivalry is only skin-deep.

Retold through the words of renowned author M Harold Page you must try to save your inheritance, your life and your humble castle from the hands of a ruthless enemy knight, out to claim what your father left you.

Are you going to solve your problems with brute force, with cunning or maybe by trying to be a better man than your adversary and appeal to his sense of honor?

You are strongly encouraged to login into your Paradox account in order to benefit of cross ownership functionalities.

Whats new
Thanks for alerting us to the fact that one of the chapters was missing a fair chunk of the text. We’re happy to announce that we found the missing text and put it back into the game.
Unfortunately we have to reset your progression as it was corrupted by the missing script. Sorry about that.

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