Crazy Taxi™ City Rush v1.7.0

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush v1.7.0
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is a thrilling game full of speed and action, especially fun if you love cars and driving.

What do you need to do? Drive through the city and make sure all your customers arrive on-time and accomplish all their objectives.

Firstly, you’ll need to follow the tutorial and figure out how to control the vehicle: swipe to move between lanes, press on a side to turn right or left, tap the button quickly to brake and other several characteristics you will learn by playing. Be sure to accomplish all missions and explore the city while having lots of fun.

To be honest, this game was much better than I expected: its graphics are incredibly detailed and smooth and the gameplay is just so much fun. A mix between crazy and risky, an incredibly entertaining game with an exciting premise and perfect graphics overall.

SEGA OF AMERICA is the popular creator of Crazy Taxi: City Rush, a wonderful little game which will probably be loved by players from all ages. Definitely worth trying out.

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