Crash UFO

Crash UFO
Crash UFO l Version: 0.1.5002.1210 | Size: 15.5MB
 Developers: DeNA Corp. | Language: English

ALERT! ALERT! Aliens are attacking planet Earth. I REPEAT – Aliens are attacking planet Earth, and they’re stealing… furry creatures?
Assemble the universe’s weirdest and wackiest squad of animal fighters! Launch your animal heroes sky-high and guide them through treacherous alien territory as they shoot, bash, slash, and crash those UFOs!!
Your Earth-saving mission will include:
* HILARIOUS ANIMAL HEROES – Unlock and unleash over a dozen highly spirited fighters that are eager to kick some alien tail.
* WACKY WEAPONS – From frying pans to bazookas, each hero has a signature weapon that brings out their unique superpower.
* TAG TEAM PLAY – Swap between three relentless heroes to utilize their unique fighting styles and special attacks.
* ALIENS, SO HIDEOUS THEY ARE ADORABLE (SORT OF) – Triumph when you slash aliens and send them back into the abyss.
Now get out there and save the world!
Crash UFO
Crash UFO
Crash UFO

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